B2B a trusted partner in the fight against shoplifting

After researching the market for other Security Tagging Systems, I chose B2B’s system because it was the most time-efficient and practical system for my staff. Also, a key factor was that I found the B2B staff to be very knowledgeable, which reassured me I was working with the right company. The system has allowed my staff to focus on selling products and assisting customers, rather than constantly spending time keeping an eye out for shoplifters. Over the years, we have caught a lot of Shoplifters, but most importantly we have dissuaded a large number to try in the first place.

David Bardens Owner, Walkers of Trowell 19th June 2015

EAS drives sales growth at South Downs Nurseries

We had been experiencing a level of theft which was very difficult to prevent. When we introduced a range of outdoor clothing and giftware, in one hit we lost over £1,250 of clothing and hats. Since installing B2B Security Tagging Systems we are now confident to merchandise a full range of clothing and gifts, which has brought significant additional sales. The installation was conducted professionally and ongoing training and support has been invaluable, which has enabled my staff to fully focus on our customers.

Mark Hillyard General Manager, South Downs Nurseries 19th June 2015

Debenhams applauds B2B’s service

A very big thank you to everyone concerned and involved with making our CCTV upgrade a reality. Special thanks to the engineer who carried out the works. His workmanship, attention to detail, dedication etc. was to be admired. So often you get contractors who don’t care much, but the same can’t be said here. Thanks again for a smooth and trouble-free operation.

Debenhams Store, Technical Services Advisor 19th June 2015

B2B delivers a great EAS service for Peacocks

Security tagging installations in our new and existing stores are time and cost sensitive. B2B has consistently delivered on time and to budget.  B2B are a valuable ally in ensuring we get the best service and a high quality product.

Martin Gregg Head of Loss Prevention, Peacocks Stores Ltd 19th June 2015

B2B implements its exclusive lamb safer boxes in 850+ Iceland stores.

Following the realisation that sales of legs of lamb were down and losses were up, we were looking for a solution to reverse this negative trend. We went out to three suppliers and were impressed with B2B’s innovative approach, which was to use a traditional safer box, modified to accommodate legs of lamb variable size and the frozen temperatures. After some initial trials we knew that this solution would work, but the results have really exceeded our expectations.  B2B’s safer boxes have delivered significant profit growth from this product line at the same time as virtually eliminating losses, and the increase in lamb sales has also delivered stronger results in related lines as well.

Ady Houghton Head of Loss Prevention, Iceland Foods 19th June 2015