Smart Tag is the world’s first intelligent tag:  its unique combined sensitivity to darkness and movement ensures that Smart Tag on DVD safercolleagues are alerted the moment the product is placed inside a coat pocket or bag.

Smart Tag is tamper proof and does not damage product packaging, and there is no loss of shelf display space or defacing of product branding.

  • ALARMS AT THE MOMENT OF THEFT: The Smart Tag will alert members of staff instantly when a theft attempt happens within the store, providing the opportunity to react before it is too late.
  • ALARMS WHEN ITEM IS CONCEALED: As soon as the item is concealed, a warning alarm sounds. If the item is not replaced on the shelf a loud alarm will automatically sound.
  • ENHANCES MERCHANDISING: The small size of the Smart Tag respects product displays without any loss of shelf space, information or brand masking.
  • NO PACKAGING DAMAGE: The optional use of tamper proof transparent tape blends with the packaging design and does not damage the item.
  • DEACTIVATES WITH UNIQUE KEY ONLY: The Smart Tag can only be detagged by a unique Smart Tag Keyelectronic key. Each store can be allocated its specific code number.

IMAG0090_1Smart Tag is the ideal solution for protection of high value products which are either difficult or impossible to protect with traditional EAS tags.  They are more aesthetic, and more operationally efficient substitute for spider tags / wrap tags.

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