Six must-do checks to get ready for Christmas shoplifters

Now is the right time to check your security systems, tagging policies and training procedures and make sure you’ve covered all the bases in the fight against Christmas shoplifters.

Here are 6 must-do checks:

  • are my security tagging pedestals/antennas detecting correctly?
  • are my till deactivators and detachers secured and working correctly?
  • do I have enough security tags and labels of the right kind to protect my high risk items?
  • have I trained my team on the correct way to apply tags and security labels?
  • do my team know what to do if the security tagging system alarms?
  • are all of my CCTV cameras working and is the DVR/NVR recording for at least 2 weeks?

If you need help with systems, advice on the right tags or labels to use, or any questions about training, please call the friendly B2BSG team now on 0118 932 8088 and we’ll be glad to help.