Protect your profits with a B2B Security Tagging System

B2B AM Security Tagging System with advertising panels

Security Tagging Systems (or Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)) help to protect your stock while allowing you to concentrate on selling to your customers.

They instantly alarm when shoplifters attempt to remove tagged products.  In this way they act as a deterrent to customer theft as well as allowing shoplifters to be challenged and apprehended. The result is a healthy boost to your bottom line and improved stock availability for your customers.

B2B offers a range of next generation, high quality, feature packed Acousto Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF) and Electro Magnetic (EM) Tagging Systems.

B2B also supplies an extensive range of tags, including:

  • the highly secure, time-saving Rapidtag range
  • the light and movement sensitive Smart Tag
  • the innovative Jarloc candle jar theft protection system
  • the full range of traditional hard tags, mouse tags, spider tags (wrap tags), EAS labels and many hundreds of other tags and accessories to protect all of your at-risk products.

B2B offers much more than just a Security Tagging System

B2B’s consultative approach starts by an Account Manager visiting your store to determine your exact needs and identify a solution that meets your loss prevention objectives, budget and aesthetic requirements.

B2B also supports the management of security tagging equipment legacies, cascading used equipment from store upgrades to lower risk-rated stores and integrating this with new equipment in a seamless way.


B2B RF Plexi Security Tagging System – active lighting changes colour when alarming

Innovative integrated features and benefits in some of B2B’s new tagging systems include:

  • Magnet Spy – Identifies professional shoplifters carrying magnetic detachers
  • Metal Spy – Detects shoplifters with foil lined bags
  • People Counting – Provides accurate footfall counting
  • Anti EAS Signal Jammer – Detects EAS signal jammer
  • ERemote Engineer – Reduces maintenance costs by using remote access for technical support

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