Rapidtag – quicker and more secure

B2B’s exclusive Rapidtag range is the quick, easy and secure tagging solution for all your products.

Trials for leading national retailers have shown that the Rapidtag range of tags is significantly faster than traditional tags, more secure and kinder to merchandise.


  • An alternative to the traditional square or pencil hard tag and separate pinRapidtag Pencil black and white
  • Dramatically cut tagging times: 35% faster than traditional tags and pins
  • More secure than traditional tags: no defeated tags found in trials
  • Easy, one-handed application
  • No pin damage to lingerie or swimwear






  • Another alternative to the traditional hard tag and pinRapidtag Clam Grey
  • More secure
  • Comfortable for customer when trying on garments
  • Easy, one-handed operation
  • Large branding area








  • An alternative to the traditional “mouse” tag or lanyard tagRapidtag Padlock black
  • Dramatically cut tagging times: 45% faster than mouse tag
  • Much more secure: no defeated tags found in trials
  • Large branding area
  • Blends well with high value goods, including jackets, handbags and shoes




  • Comfortable fit for the customerRapidtag Optical on eyewear
  • One-handed application
  • ALL types of frames
  • Your labels & logo on the side
  • Secure fit without damaging the product




  • Eliminate wasted shelf spaceRapidtag Bottle
  • Quick, one-handed application with excellent compliance
  • Benefit denial product
  • Rapid removal at till