What is Jarloc?

Jarloc retail security Jarloc is a standalone, reusable security device specifically designed to protect glass jar candles from theft.

It provides the confidence to improve product availability to the consumer through increased shelf stock holding, leading to increased sales, while managing stock loss effectively.

The device is produced in a specialist, non-absorbent material to prevent cross contamination of fragrance, allowing it to be freely reused

How does Jarloc work?

Jarloc inside candleJarloc fits neatly inside the jar and locks securely into place, covering the wick to prevent the candle from being used.

It has been designed to allow the fragrance within the wax to pass by and accumulate in the lid as normal.

Jarloc is also fitted with the most commonly used security tagging technology for added security.

It is easily released by staff at the point-of-sale and removed for reuse, leaving the candle in perfect condition to present as a gift.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Jarloc.  If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us using our enquiry form and we will be pleased to help.

Q.  Which glass jar candles will Jarloc fit?
A.   Colony Candles medium & large jars.
Village Candles medium & large jars.
Yankee Candle traditional medium & large jars.
Yankee Candle simply home large jars.
Other brands are being investigated, please email to enquire.

Q.  How many Jarlocs are in a box?
A.   200 units per box.

Q.  Can I reuse Jarloc?
A.   Yes, Jarloc has been designed to be reused.

Q.  Is Jarloc compatible with my EAS security tagging system?
A.   Yes. Jarloc is available with the industry standard frequencies, AM 58kHz, RF 8.2mHz, EM Certus & Meto. You are given the choice during the order process. Please note EM versions are made to order.

Q.  Is Jarloc directly linked to a candle brand?
No, Jarloc has been designed to meet the general need to protect glass jar candle from customer theft.

Any other questions? Please contact us for more information.