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CCTV Systems for Restaurants

As a restaurateur, you have to keep many plates spinning at once. Pun intended.

You’re overseeing the food, the staff, the environment and most importantly, the safety of everyone in your establishment. CCTV systems for restaurants are a great way to keep all of those things in check.

By installing a security system, you’ll have an eye on everything and everyone in your establishment.

Read on for more information about the benefits and special features of various CCTV systems for restaurants.

Deterring Criminals

Having security cameras outside of your restaurant can keep criminals away. If they see the camera, they are less likely to commit the crime.

Displaying cameras on the exterior and interior of your premises sends the message that you are prepared and will have footage of any criminal activity.

If you don’t have cameras set up, you run the risk of looking vulnerable and like an easy target.

Security cameras also assist law enforcement. Police may ask for any recorded activity in or around your restaurant. You’ll be able to solve a problem quicker with their assistance and with good quality recordings from your modern CCTV system.

Keep an Eye on Your Staff

Ideally, you are hiring trustworthy and respectable people. But sometimes you never know what is going on when a restaurant authority isn’t present.

Research shows 75% of staff have stolen from their employers. And specifically in the restaurant business, employee theft costs up to £4+ billion per year.

Staff members may steal by overpouring alcohol, undercharging for food and drink, extending break time, or just flat out stealing items. Putting cameras in the kitchen, service areas, and dining rooms of your restaurant lets your staff know that they are being watched.

However, it is important to establish trust between you and your employees. Some staff members may feel that they are being watched too closely with cameras around.

Be sure to find ways to communicate to your team that you trust them and are also trying to keep them safe.

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Having CCTV systems for restaurants is also important for identifying unsavory behaviour among your customers.

For instance, people who dine and dash may feel less inclined to do so if they see a security system – or to misbehave or be abusive.

Or if you have a bar in your restaurant, a CCTV system can be especially helpful. As we all know, if people get over-served, conflicts can sometimes arise.

Having a record of a skirmish or fight is helpful if law enforcement requests tape, or just so you can play back the footage to see who was involved.

Being in More Than One Place at Once

When overseeing your restaurant, you probably wish you could be in more than one place at a time.

Here is the cool thing, with a security system, you can come close.

Some CCTV systems can connect to your smartphone or computer. Even if you are not physically present at your restaurant, you can see what is going on in live time.

This is also great if you own a chain restaurant. You can view activity at various locations by just a touch on your phone.

Where to Setup

CCTV systems for restaurants are most effective when strategically placed. The following are recommendations for the best places to set up your cameras.

  • In big areas like dining rooms or large private rooms.
  • In the kitchen to see culinary practices and make sure your kitchen is in line with health codes.
  • At all entrances and exits to get a clear image of everyone who comes in and out.
  • Near offices, safes, cash registers and where alcohol is stored.

A Note About Privacy

Security cameras should only be set up in public places like bars, dining rooms, service stations, stock rooms, kitchens, etcetera.

Do not set them up in private places like bathrooms or employee breakrooms. Although you want to keep an eye on everyone in your place of business, it’s essential that you don’t violate their privacy.

CCTV Systems for Restaurants Boost Productivity

One of the major benefits of having cameras installed is that it improves overall restaurant productivity.

If an employee knows that a camera is on him or her, they are more likely to put their nose to the grindstone and stop procrastinating.

Cameras will also ease the workload of managers. They can take care of customers and tend to more pressing issues while knowing that security is being tightly monitored.

Many who implement CCTV systems for restaurants say that that the value of the surveillance outweighs the cost of the system.

Upgrading Equipment

If you have an older security system in place but want a new one you can just upgrade what you have.

Many CCTV companies can work with the equipment already in place and upgrade it. This way, you’ll avoid doing an entire system overhaul.

This will save you money and keep you up to date on the most cutting-edge surveillance technology.


Many companies offer an array of cameras so that you can choose equipment that is within your budget.

Popular options include:

  • Analogue
  • Analogue High Definition with excellent image quality using older-style “coaxial” cable
  • IP system cameras which send and receive data through computer networks and internet connections

After the cameras are installed, some CCTV companies offer staff training. This can be very helpful so that your team feels informed and can troubleshoot potential issues with the new system.

Investing in Peace of Mind

Peak business hours, customers coming and going, and frequent employee turnover can make restaurants particularly vulnerable to criminal activity.

Having a quality CCTV system installed keeps patrons and employees safe.

And there’s nothing like the feeling of knowing your restaurant is secure, especially when you’re not there.

Reach out to inquire about CCTV systems for restaurants. Once installed, you’ll have peace of mind about the safety of your establishment.

With confidence in your security system, you’ll be able to focus on the most important things for your business: high-quality service, delicious food, a desirable profit and a reputation as an enjoyable and relaxed place to dine.