cctv for schools

CCTV for Schools and Colleges

While there hasn’t been a significant increase in overall crime on school campuses, there are still a number of schools where students and staff are open to incidents.

Whether you’re one of the schools dealing with crime problems or you want to ensure you don’t have to, prevention should be your priority. Used in conjunction with other security measures, CCTV for schools is a great way to reduce crime and ensure accountability.

Even though some might object to an invasion of privacy by placing cameras everywhere, there is a way to increase surveillance while respecting everyone’s rights. Taking their security into account will be appreciated by most visitors to your campus as well as their parents and families.

If you’re looking for a useful and deterrent security solution for your campus, here are the reasons why you should consider a CCTV system.

Lower Petty Crimes

One of the best ways to lower your crime rate and break-ins is to have visible cameras throughout your campus. When criminals think there is a possibility of being caught, they’re less likely to commit a crime.

Rather than end up with their face all over the news, criminals will move on or skip the crime altogether. For petty break-ins or smash and grabs, it’s not worth the risk of having videotaped evidence.

Vandals will likewise avoid tagging or breaking property if they see a camera on the grounds. Keeping them visible in interior and exterior space will give you the evidence you need to catch people who destroy your property.

You’ll also be able to keep your parking lots and cars safe. High-quality installations of CCTV for schools allows you to identify makes and models of cars that are damaged. With quality colour cameras, you can even catch the faces of vandals who are breaking into vehicles.

Being able to assist police in an investigation will make your staff and students feel secure while also making you known as a campus that can’t be taken advantage of.

Personal Security

Schools and universities at every level can be the target of all kinds of unwanted or unauthorised visitors. Students of every age are used to being in crowds of people they don’t know on a campus. This leaves them vulnerable to crime.

As most violent crimes go unsolved, it’s often because there is a lack of evidence to find the criminal.

If someone comes onto your campus who doesn’t belong there or who is a known criminal, you can stop them before harm is done. If they end up committing a crime, you can catch and prosecute them.

On any campus, it’s natural that there are corners, entrances or areas that are hard to monitor. There can also be areas where access should be limited for various security reasons.

Finding the right CCTV for schools is important to monitor motion that’s detected in an area and record any goings-on. With modern systems, you can view what’s happening on mobile or tablet devices. Often these systems can trigger an alarm to be sent discreetly to security or staff in case of an intrusion.

Keep people out of your high-security areas with an expertly installed and networked CCTV system.

With a high-definition system, you can monitor busy corridors with people passing through constantly. Otherwise, faces will pass in a blur, making it difficult to pinpoint people who’ve committed crimes on your campus.

There are lots of instances of vandalism and theft that happen in or near bathrooms. While it’s a severe violation of privacy to have cameras in bathrooms, having them covering the entrances to your bathroom can help catch criminals.

With systems that can handle many hours of video storage, you can monitor and record for hours at a time, keeping your backups for a week or more in case of an incident.

Safety On Campus

The most common class of crimes on college campuses are related to sexual assault and harassment. Having the ability to prevent an assault before it happens will make every member of your community feel safe.

In lots of states, it’s also illegal for a sex offender to be within 500-1000 meters of school campuses. Regardless of the age of your students, CCTV for schools can prevent any intruders.

Non-sexual forms of harassment are also one of the most common complaints on schools. Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as it occurs. Having cameras on campus will let bullies know they’re being watched.

Everyone will feel their identity and safety are respected and protected when there is a good system of security on your school grounds.

Should you end up in any kind emergency situation, whether it’s weather-related or an incident of terrorism, CCTV in conjunction with a PA system can save lives. You can direct your students away from the source of the incident toward a safe space.

Controlled Access

With CCTV for schools, you can prevent incidents before they occur. Student safety can be your number one priority when you’re able to see visitors before they see you. With the latest systems, you can watch visitors from any type of networked or mobile device.

If you’ve got younger students who wander off campus, you want to know that they’re not being unsafe or getting into any suspicious vehicles. Whether it’s in favor of guarding against rule violation or just out of care for student safety, you can monitor how students come and go.

You can also use CCTV for schools to ensure that your staff is reliable and dependable. If you expect your students to be supervised during a given period and notice staff sneaking off for a lunch break or a cigarette, you can approach them before it’s an issue.

CCTV For Schools Protects Everyone

Using a high quality and professionally installed CCTV system can make life easier on your campus. Knowing that every crime will be tracked and monitored can allow your students and staff a chance to sit back and relax.

Looking to improve safety on your campus? Contact us for more information on how to find the right system for your school.