B2B Shortlisted for Retail Fraud Award

B to B Links is delighted to announce that Rapidtag Pencil, part of B2B’s exclusive Rapidtag FraudAwards2015_shortlistedrange, has been shortlisted in the Most Innovative In-Store Product category at the 2015 Retail Fraud Awards.

Taking place in Leicester on 8th October, The Fraud Awards will showcase and celebrate the very best in retail fraud and loss prevention, people, processes, strategy and technology.

Rapidtag Pencil is a faster and significantly more secure alternative to the traditional EAS tag and pin.

Available in RF, AM and EM technologies, the superlock tag and pin form part of the same, spring-loaded unit.

Rapidtag Pencil black and whiteThe tag, which is similar in size to a traditional pencil tag, has been carefully designed to make it much more difficult for shoplifters to cut or release the pin.

Key benefits for retailers are:

  • Quick application – trials with leading national retailers have shown that Rapidtag Pencil is at least 35% faster to apply than a traditional tag and pin
  • No more need to sort tags from pins
  • More secure – in trials, no defeated tags have been found
  • Better health & safety – fewer defeated tags and a different design mean that there is a much reduced risk of loose pins either in garments or on the shop floor
  • Reduced pin damage for lingerie as Rapidtag Pencil can be fixed securely over bra straps etc.
  • Available in XL size and in a design suitable for leather satchels (fits over straps)
  • Fast removal at the till via the spring-loaded mechanism.

“We’re delighted that the judges at this year’s Fraud Awards have recognised the role that Rapidtag Pencil can play in reducing shrink as well as reducing operational costs,” commented Colin Warnock, B2B’s Managing Director.  “With customer theft continuing to increase, staying one step ahead of shoplifters is critically important. Rapidtag Pencil is just one of a range of tags we offer featuring higher security and faster application.”

Other tags in the Rapidtag range include:

  • Rapidtag Optical – for glasses and sunglasses
  • Rapidtag Padlock – for bags, jackets, shoes and leather goods
  • Rapidtag Bottle – for wine, spirits and other bottled goods
  • Rapidtag Clam – for all apparel

For more information about B2B’s Rapidtag range please click here, email orders@btoblinks.net or telephone 0118 932 8088.